This post starts a new trend of more lifestyle-oriented posts rather than fully-technical.
A little bit more about my current status - I am recovering from ACL reconstruction that I had mid-April so that’s why you might see me with crutches in some of pictures posted below 😄.

Why go there?

We received tickets to Digital Dragons during HackYeah 2022 on which we also won with our game The Deluge that you are encouraged to try and enjoy! Below you can see us in the moment of triumph:

HackYeah 2022 Winners

Who are we?

We are Sticky Piston Studios and we are a team of 3 passionate young people who have been working in the industry for a while already. Having attended more than 15 gamejams in total we feel that it is time to transition to game publishing so stay tuned for some of our new productions 😁!

Below you may see the holy trinity: COO, CEO and CTO in that order. Szymon Duchniewicz (Willmish), Me (Celeborth) and Mateusz Szymoński (Hist0r)

Holy Trinity of SPS

Quick update from Digital Dragons 2023

Digital dragons were filled to the brim with good laughs, people on crutches, talks about building a healthy company and how to best capitalize on the market during tough times. We attended different tracks and while I focused mostly on the teambuilding and mobile tracks, our CTO attended more technical talks and some post-mortems, such as House Flipper or Castle Crumble. Szymon, on the other hand, participated in talks about market development and brand construction. During the Indie Expo we met with several publishers with whom we plan our future releases and we also had pleasure to play innovative Indie games that were nominated to Indie Awards.

Lastly, here is a picture of us with our badges and the shiny Digital Dragons logo 😁

The holy trio and DD logo

Next stop, Embedded Open Source Summit 2023 in Prague with my and Szymon’s talk on embedded health blood-pressure measuring device based on Zephyr OS and open hardware. Until next time!